Roof Waterproofing Systems

Long-lasting roof waterproofing systems for every kind of building

Our Distinct Roof Top Water Proofing Systems

We provide the perfect roof waterproofing systems to suit the uniqueness and needs of every building. Our various roof top waterproofing systems secure your building through reliable and durable concrete roof waterproofing products, thermal insulation, and roof finishing.

Combo Roof

Enjoy our triple waterproofing systems benefits with our combo roof system that provides you with waterproofing layers, thermal insulation, and roof finishing.

Combo Max

Our superior,  more advanced, and improved roof waterproofing systems in UAE to better suit your roofing needs and are void of any weaknesses. Get our improved combo roof, and rest assured of a 30 years roof guarantee.

Roof Max

The ultimate multilayer roof waterproofing in Dubai is made with durable, high-quality materials and, most importantly, assures you of peace of mind with its lifetime guarantee.

Green Roof

Our green roof aims at providing you comfort through temperature reductions and regulation, improved air quality, sound insulation, biodiversity, roof protection, and adding to your building’s aesthetic.

Metal Roof

Our low-maintenance, energy-efficient, and long-lasting roof waterproofing system for is perfect for your commercial roof waterproofing.

Exposed Roof

Our low-cost, energy-efficient, reliable and exposed roof waterproofing system for unused roof areas.


Guaranteed durability

Our Waterproofing systems are designed and intentionally installed to last for a long time, at least 30 years and up to a lifetime.


Competence with procedure

Our installation procedures are reliable and time-efficient. We choose the best professionals from site preparation to finishing and protection coating so your roofs can last as long as possible cutting down on maintenance and preventing roof issues.



We’re the no 1 go-to roof waterproofing contractors in UAE and trusted by many. We’ve satisfactorily served many people for over 40 years, and the proof is in our clients’ testimonials

Why Yabrood Roof Waterproofing Systems

We exist so you won’t have a building roof waterproofing issues and you can relax during rain, wind, or sunshine. Say goodbye to roof fixing, leaking, maintenance, and other roof worries when you trust the best roof waterproofing systems in Dubai to take care of your roof. Get the perfect roof waterproofing solutions for your building at Yabrood.


Our Waterproofing systems are efficient and effective and ensure thermal insulation and waterproofing. Our roofing systems feature multilayer waterproofing and quality materials to make up sustainable roofing for your building.

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We’ve Been Doing Waterproofing For Over 40 years

Get the best of the water proofing systems in UAE at Yabrood.

Roof Insulation for thermal control and comfort

We provide quality roof insulation for overall comfort. Weather isn’t permanent, hence the need for roof insulation, whether during hot or cold weather. Our insulated roof system aims to prevent heat penetration from outside to inside, likewise to ensure warmth doesn’t escape from the house during cold weather. With our quality roof insulation, you are assured of preventing wind, heat, or cold penetration into your building.

Benefits of roof insulation

Check out the amazing benefits of choosing Yabrood for your roof insulation:

Ensures heat retention in the house during cold weather and consequently keeps your home warm.

Roof insulation helps with heat prevention by keeping too much heat from penetrating your home and ensuring comfort.

It helps with saving energy and cost by reducing heating and cooling systems’ energy usage and ultimately cutting down your power bills.

Serves as an extra layer of protection for your roof water proofing systems.

Sustainability through energy reduction, thereby minimizing energy usage and environmental footprints.